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AUSTHAI Garment Company are clothing manufacturers for the retail apparel industry. We produce apparel for international retailers from our factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand.We offer full design services from pattern development through to pre-production sampling, before final bulk CMT "Cut-Make-Trim" production. All labels, hang-tags and stickers can be custom designed to suit your requirements. See our page on Fabric for more info on the fabric options we can offer. 

Our Process

Design and Development

Our in-house design staff will assist with creating the initial designs and sketches to transform your ideas into prototype samples. During the development stage, we can leverage our experience with the huge variety of fabrics available in Asia to help you source the perfect fabric and trims for your designs. The final part of the prototype stage is to create samples using the actual fabric and trims and then making adjustments where necessary to achieve the final product that is just how you want it. Once the design is finalised the patterns can be size graded and prototype samples can be cut and sewn.

Bulk Clothing Production

During the bulk production phase our talented staff will cut and sew your garments in accordance with the final technical specification and as per the agreed prototype. Every item produced is checked in-line for quality by our dedicated quality control staff against the agreed specification and prototype. A set of randomly selected garments can be shipped to the customer as a QC sample if required. 

Labels and Packaging

We offer a complete garment manufacturing solution which includes labels, hang tags and stickers. This is an important part of the process as it highlights your brand identity and image and quality labels and hangtags is essential. 


We have a photo studio in our factory and can provide a photography service as required. Yes, we offer the complete solution from start to finish! 


The final part of the process is the export and shipment of these fabulous garments to your store or warehouse. Using our export permit we can take care of the logistics of getting your products from our factory to you by road, air and ocean freight. We will generate all documentation and lodge all necessary customs paperwork to ensure a smooth delivery of your garments.

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